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Monday, August 30th, 2010

A small penis that is, short and small in girth puts men in such an awkward position that many get embarrassed during sexual activity. Even to undress alone during that moment is too much for some because time of reckoning has come unexpectedly. This psychological stress has to be fought from all angles and many must undergo counseling to restore their sexual esteem. It is a myth unfortunately with disastrous consequences yet many women don’t more…

Sunday, July 05th, 2009

Lovemaking can be one of the most exciting and pleasurable experience of your life if done in a right manner. It gives an intense amount of gratification and joy in your life. But due to several health disorders and conditions, the charm of sex decreases. But a right selection of sexual positions can revitalize the sexual act and brings more intimacy in your relationship. Back pain, obesity, pregnancy and problems like difficulty in reaching more…