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Friday, August 27th, 2010

sexthe-memory-booster-1.jpgMassages are employed to improve size and girth of penis with normal lubricating agents or with specially formulated penis enlargement creams and gels. Good technique of massage can show even better result in short duration and also can improve the performance of the male in the bed to give his partner a mind blowing experience every time. Good technique does not focus only on improving the size but it casts all round effects to improve functioning more…

Monday, July 19th, 2010
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Sex is the most pleasing activity of our life. Its attractions and rewards are enormous. It is not untrue to say ‘no sex no life’. Life without sex will certainly become a dull and bore routine, meaningless and fruitless. While this natural process is full of such tremendous excitements, it is also full of life threatening hazards.

We all know the alarming situation of sexually transmitted diseases, where AIDS or HIV is more dominant more…

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Contraception Methods That Everyone Should KnowContraception is the process to protect the unwanted pregnancy with the use of drugs, devices, or surgery. Many a times due to the lamentable knowledge of contraception we fail to protect the unwanted pregnancy and then we have to face the further problems. I would suggest that everyone should know about the different contraception methods in detail so that next we don’t make the mistake at least unknowingly. Contraception is the age old technique and has been used through the centuries to avoid pregnancy. You would be surprised to know that more…

Sunday, June 07th, 2009
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STDs Prevention MethodsSexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are most widely spread all over the world because of the negligence and impromptu safety measures followed during the sex. STDs are spread through the sexual contact including oral sex, vaginal intercourse, and anal sex. STDs before 25 years were nearly observed in very rare cases, but today due to the open sex phenomena established by many societies. The occurrence of the STDs is increased on large scale. Largest numbers of the STD victims are the teenagers who are very much attracted towards the sex and thus, more…