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Tuesday, September 07th, 2010

There are many penis enlargement exercises which can increase the penis size but not all of them are simple to perform. Some exercises need good practice to achieve desired results and not everyone can have similar time to devote to master them. There are simple exercises too which can help in increasing the penis size. These exercise are simple but this shall not construed that they are less effective in any way from hard to perform exercises, more…

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010
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Before we go into the discussion whether penis exercises are beneficial, we should first see why we need penis exercises in the first place. History proves that man has been in the quest of drawing the optimum pleasure from a nature’s costless gift, the sex. How to get more and more pleasure from this act and what are the ways that help us stay sexually healthy for longer, had been, and still are, the desire of countless people. In this pursuit, more…

Tuesday, December 08th, 2009

Premature ejaculation or early ejaculation is a common sexual dysfunction which affects as many as one out of every three men in the world. It has been linked to a many factors. Early sexual experiences, bad habits in teenage, over excitement and sometimes present conflicts or concerns within current relationship can all be possible factors for premature ejaculation. This condition may create feeling of frustration and shame. It causes stress more…

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

Enlarge Your Penis to Whopping 9 Using Natural Techniques and Exercises

Are you worried about your penis size? Is the size spoiling your sex life? You need not have to worry any more. You have now the proven natural technique to enlarge the size without pills, pumps or surgery. You are now able to enlarge your penis permanently using only your two hands.

Why You Need a Bigger Size?

By making your penis bigger, you will start feeling proud of yourself and your sexual performance. more…

Thursday, April 09th, 2009
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Penis Exercises to Cure ImpotenceImpotence has really made the sex life of the men devastated. Once the man suffers with impotence he is either not able to achieve the erection or sustain the erection during the sexual activity. Impotence is also termed as erectile dysfunction in some parts of the world. Man gets the erection due to the increased blood supply to the penis after the sexual stimulation. Once the blood supply in inadequate then man fails withhold the erection during the sexual ecstasy and suffers with the impotence problem. There are various medications available more…