Tuesday, September 07th, 2010
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This is the kind of question that disturbs many men especially those with stereotypes of what women expect from them. It’s like all women have the same vagina size and that the shallowest must be seven inches deep. You fight a fake belief without even the slightest know how of what women prefer. Men are always boys and their masculinity belief measure is how far they can go deep into a woman, how much they can maul and tear her apart sexually; leaving her with some bruises the better. Some are really beasts and will go to any length to have the biggest dick.

An intelligent observer once asked; how about the size of the vagina? Shouldn’t women own part of the problem? Perhaps the vagina is extra large and they should also do something about it. What is all this fuss about a small penis causing havoc yet women are also made differently? From this I am sure you can make a few satisfying conclusions one of which says please search for your match slowly and one day you will get one. You will get a perfect girl who likes everything about you from romance, foreplay to lovemaking.

Take heart it is not the size of the ship, it’s the motion of the ocean that matters; the average size of most penises from surveys done is between 5.5 inches and 6.2 inches in length and 4.7 inches and 5.1 inches in girth. Research at all times uses the word ‘some’ that is some women like a big dick for their own reasons while others like a small one. This fact of ‘some’ should give you all the hope on earth. Many women have confessed love is not sex alone; for men yes and the more reason why they go to any length without provocation to enlarge their dicks on their own. Some will spend any savings trying anything and brag later to peers on the subject like he is the only bull who knows how to conquer.

Stand and be counted, performance is better than the size; get to other departments of love, visit foreplay and deliver because those with bigger dicks are very poor in all sections of love. Adapt to circumstances, master foreplay and show every appreciation to your girl. Dick deeper into the relationship, introduce hot romance and make sure love making comes last. Rejection on dick size is part of growing up, now you know yourself and what to look for; proceed, women are very many and for sure you will not miss a perfect one. Dick size is like saying a woman with bigger breasts is fine in bed which is not the case always.

If at the end of the day, you really feel your penis is too small and no amount of convincing will alter this attitude, then my friend you need to see a psychotherapist. Accepting one self and ones body is sometimes a nightmare and counseling might offer a better service. Regardless of what shape you have for sure you did not participate in the crafting exercise and so take heart, you will still be a good father, affectionate lover capable of satisfying your life partner. Other personal qualities will override with time this base; your intelligence, sense of humor, family stewardship, responsibility to all and sundry etc. This kind of combination may be a rare trait men with bigger dicks don’t have; after all life is not just having sex day in day out. There are other duties to perform in life and you must excel.

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    Kindly send me the market name for mast mood oil and where & how shall it be available ? Shall be grateful to you.Thanks.

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