Tuesday, September 07th, 2010

There are many penis enlargement exercises which can increase the penis size but not all of them are simple to perform. Some exercises need good practice to achieve desired results and not everyone can have similar time to devote to master them. There are simple exercises too which can help in increasing the penis size. These exercise are simple but this shall not construed that they are less effective in any way from hard to perform exercises, if these exercises are performed correctly and on regular basis can give desired results.

Normally rush of blood in the male genitals cause erection which occurs due to blood fills in the corpus cavernosa and is absorbed by the sponge like tissues in it. If the quantity of blood increases the spongy tissues will be able to absorb more blood by dilating themselves. Regularly repeating this process for sufficient duration will help the body in naturally increasing the size of these tissues which will eventually increase the size of the male organ.

To gain desired results by performing simple penis enlargement exercises it is good to warm up the genital area for promoting blood flow in the area. Soak a towel in warm water and cover the genitals, your penis and testicles, with it, when temperature of the towel has normalized remove the wet cloth and wipe the area gently. Use a gentle lubricating agent which is not harsh on the sensitive skin of the male organ and apply it on your hands and penis. Start rubbing your intimate organ by covering it completely with your hand as you hold it while masturbating. Gently move your hand till the tip of the penis and once your one hand reach at the tip start from the base with other hand.

Gradually your male organ will get erect and after some time you will feel like ejaculating. Once the urge to ejaculate becomes irresistible hold the penis at glans with a firm grip and resist ejaculation till the urge subsides. Start rubbing your intimate organ again. Repeat this simple exercise as many times as you can this will fill your tissues with blood again and again to dilate the blood vessels and increase the penis size.

Another simple exercise to increase your penis size is jelquing by using just your fingers. Warm up your genitals by using a cloth with warm water and apply a gentle lubricant. If your male organ starts getting erect wait for a while till it becomes completely flaccid. Now hold the base of the organ with your thumb and fingers as if you want to pluck it out. Do not hold it with firm grip, moderate grip is preferred and gently slide your fingers and thumb simultaneously till the tip. Use another hand once your one hand reaches the tip. Slowly you will feel blood rushing in to the intimate organ and it getting erect, stop when it is completely erect and let the erection subside. Repeat this again and again. It is very effective if done while lying on the bed. If you feel urge to ejaculate hold the penis with a firm grip at the glans to discourage it.

To obtain quicker and better result, one can use herbal massage oil such as Mast Mood Oil or enlargement creams while performing these exercises. The herbal ingredients present in Mast Mood Oil are highly potent and effective in improving blood flow to the male genitals. And this increased blood flow significantly improves erection quality and performance.

As Mast Mood Oil is plant-based natural product, it does not contain any harmful components and can be used for long-run. It not only increase erection size but also cures many male sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and weak erection.

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  1. arvind says:

    At my first sex night no bleeding from my women vigina , she having lots of pain but no bleeding, so pls suggest me ..

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